CL Industries is a global leader in pool finish manufacturing with the mission of creating a finish for every pool. The company is known by many craftsmen in the trade for having formulated the most reliable, durable, and workable products over the past 30 years.


CL Industries reached out to our strategic and creative teams to generate a 360 degree campaign that would unify communications for three different product user groups (distributors, builder/applicators, and homeowners). The premise was to engage, inspire, and educate each user group with unified and streamlined communications.


We immersed ourselves in the pool finish industry to identify what each of the user groups was looking for in a pool finish. After months of research, we devised a multi-channel campaign that could draw a connection between each product category and the end user. The campaign provided sales tools for the various channels of distribution and also reinforced CL Industries’ product benefits. Thus, “A Finish for Every Pool” campaign was born.

a finish for every pool

As a new campaign was born, we kept focus on the strategic mission of re-inventing a CL Industries brand that would connect with multiple consumer/user groups. We started the creative process with the brand building essentials. Beginning with a fresh new logo design, we were able to create a blueprint for CL Industries’ refined image that would set the stage for other customized tools that included; quarterly e-newsletters, social media integration, a digital video campaign, copywriting, digital and print design and an optimized Content Management System. Each asset was created to unify the brand’s mission of having “A Finish for Every Pool.”

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The CL Industries’ team called on our creative and execution capabilities to enhance their national trade show presence and give greater touch points to their products with clients.

Drawing Lines was commissioned to conceptualize and design trade show infrastructure with premium branding, digital capabilities, and would also travel well. We brought the CL Industries products and brand to life through digital video, tablet integration and Point of Sale displays, all in the effort of reinforcing CL Industries’ “Finish for Every Pool” messaging. Our team traveled with the booth to ensure proper set up and technical support.

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