MAS HVAC recently completed their initial brand development phase after transitioning from a startup to an established company. They manufacture custom air handling systems for a myriad of industries. They hired us to create video content that would serve both as an introduction to the company and as a sales tool. They are disrupting the commercial HVAC industry and stressed the need for a level of production that reflects their desired position in the market. 


Q-PAC is a brand of EC motor fan systems developed by MAS HVAC, Inc. Q-PAC Arrays are applied in retrofit applications and custom air handling units throughout North America. The sales team for MAS HVAC was facing challenges selling the system without having a video to highlight its advantages. We created a short non traditional product video showing the benefits of replacing traditional fan systems through live action installation, interviews and 3-D animations. The resulting video has created a huge return on investment as well as winning MAS HVAC multiple bids.

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