Shred for Good

Shred for Good is a local non-profit subsidiary of Challenge Enterprises, with the mission of providing NAID AAA certified secure document destruction services to businesses, while also employing individuals with significant disabilities.


Shred for Good called on our creative, event activation, and communications expertise to steer a broader reaching brand building event with a “call to action” that would engage members of Greater Jacksonville to shred their documents with ‘Shred for Good’. The mission of SFG is to prevent identity theft while giving meaningful work opportunities to persons with disabilities.  The event was further driven by the need to leverage digital communications tools that we had already created to convey the agency’s mission.


The Answer? Collaborate with Shred for Good and the Jacksonville Jaguars to conceptualize, create, activate and execute an event that drew small business owners, executives, and residents from North Florida to “shred” with Shred for Good.  We created custom media outreach tools, combined with a focused press blitz to inspire citizens to participate in this important free public service. This reinforced the idea that Shred for Good is the only secure document destruction agency that employs persons with disabilities in North Florida.

Shred for Good - Jacksonville Jaguars
Shred for Good stats


The groundswell of public support and the results achieved from this dynamic campaign yielded a record 640 vehicles, 46,000+ lbs. of securely shredded documentation, and an estimated 2 million+ media impressions.

Shred for Good stats
Shred for Good stats
Shred for Good stats
Shred for Good stats

30 Second PSA Radio Spot

We knew that this activation needed reach beyond the agency’s immediate network, so we crafted a “media blitz” and produced custom digital press tools including: :15 second and :30 second radio PSA’s, Alerts, Pre and Live Releases.

Shred for Good Web Commercial