Redbull Logo - Drawing Lines Media Group

Red bull is a brand that understands the value of content marketing and is a pioneer in driving some of the most innovative campaigns globally. Whether they’re sending a human to the edge of space or cultivating athletes and the unique venues they play in, Red Bull is a brand that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Red Bull Throwdown

Red Bull Throwdown presents the new standard of physical movement, where all styles battle to find the most complete tricker. The sport of “tricking” pushes human physical limits through the mix of martial arts, tumbling and break dancing. DLMG was commissioned to conceptualize and produce an inspiring “action clip” that would give the global brand a voice in an emerging scene and would also help the event live on for years to come through Red Bull’s powerful content network. The globally spanning action clip was distributed through Red Bull Media House, Red Bull website, and Red Bull Youtube channel.

Red Bull Call Em Out

With one of the highest concentrations of surfers on the Eastern Seaboard (Northeast, FL), the regional Red Bull team cultivated a new innovative and progressive competitive surfing format to highlight and generate exposure for some of North Florida’s top talent. DLMG partnered on the development, scripting, and all encompassing production value of the Red Bull ‘Call Em Out’ event to ensure a premium web clip to be distributed to endemic media outlets including Surfline, Eastern Surf Magazine, and Red Bull USA.

Red Bull Night Riders

Red Bull Night Riders has become a staple event in the thriving North Florida surf community. This area of coastline is home to one of the highest concentrations of surfers on the Atlantic coast. The brand has continued to connect with this key consumer group through, Night Riders, a night time tow-at surfing competition featuring some of the regions top progressive surfers. DLMG’s creative and production teams were called upon to conceptualize, storyboard, and produce a comprehensive web clip with the goal of generating endemic and mainstream media impressions alike. The web clip lives on through distribution from; Red Bull Media House, Red Bull USA website, and Red Bull’s Youtube channel.